Welcome to Kings Herbal!

King's Herbal food supplements were created by Ka Rey Herrera using all natural ingredients like herbs, fruits, and vegetables to help with his own illness. He decided to share his creation by founding his own company REH HERBAL TRADING AND MANUFACTURING.

Having gone through as little processing as possible, the ingredients retain a great majority of their nutrients and other healthy properties, making King's Herbal food supplements great for daily use. They help detoxify the body and get rid of impurities that may be a source of various health maladies.

King's Herbal is a food supplement with no therapeutic claims, so they're used to maintain good health. The health benefits are too good to pass up though, so it's still all good.

Herbal Products

  • Kings Herbal
    Concentration: 99.3% of miracle berry.
    Net content: 750 ml
  • Queens Herbal
    Concentration: 55.5% of miracle berry.
    Net content: 500 ml